Some Product


Corporate Overview:

Joseph E. Maas is an emerging artist who over the past decade, has demonstrated consistent growth in production, quality and revenue. 
The long time purveyor of fluff pop art, is currently in active production on what will undoubtedly become the most controversial public display of bullshit in the Pacific Northwest for the fiscal year of 2018.
 Now an incorporated entity, the expanded company will be privately held and operate under the moniker of JSQ Corporation.
 JSQ is embarking on a display of artistic agitation and product development, under the working title of “Some Product”. A display of individual art works and a collaboration of questionable product development and installation, based on consumer gullibility, media manipulation, and political agendas.


Joseph E Maas, Chairman and CEO, JSQ Corporation.

Selling Out:

JSQ Corporation, renowned leader in the shit talking industry, has embarked on an artistic campaign developed with the intentions to antagonize and defame individuals and entities of considerable notoriety.
A proactive pop-art assailment, of the exquisitely hand crafted variety, sure to please the aesthete and supercilious art consumers, while appealing to the comicality of the more politically and socially adapted counter-culture masses.
Prices start at unobtainable and ascend from there.


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Product Development and Marketing

JSQ Corporation is the paramount of truly distasteful conceptualization, design, development and marketing, of provisions and household goods, designed to impact the self-importance of the suburban dwelling consumer.
Our direct to consumer, rogue marketing program, eliminates distribution and product placement costs, while generating low overhead publicity for the JSQ brand.


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