Joey Maas is a prolific neo pop artist residing in Palm Springs, California. His painting style is self-taught and grew out of a desire to create unique portraits to hide the faux wood paneling in his former residence.

In 2008, Maas began diligently painting and within the first six months, he had completed his first series. Following that accomplishment, he was invited by multiple galleries to exhibit his work. Since then, his paintings have been featured throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Maas’ early artistic influences stem from his love of 1980’s design, music, and skateboarding, in particular, the work of Patrick Nagel, and the mastermind behind the early Vision Skateboards graphics, Andy Takakjian. The bright, brash designs inspired Maas as a youth to begin drawing where he honed his ability to elevate everyday moments into art.

Melding the spirit of Pop Art with a passion for popular culture and music, Maas incorporated his formal vocabulary of portraiture and graphic elements to capture pop icons in a new light. His art style has captivated audiences with radiant palettes and astute compositions. Many of the musicians and pop icons in his work would agree — some of which have purchased his art for their private collections.

Maas’ work has appeared on local and national television programs such as Ghost Adventures, KTLA CW News, Los Angeles, and KCAL CBS News, Los Angeles, as well as a solo exhibit for the red carpet premiere of House At The End Of The Drive (2013)

His upcoming series is titled Some Product. An elaboration and embellishment on the theme used by The Sex Pistols, of music and art as merchandise, celebrity as a brand, selling out and buying in.


Mondo Retro

Death to False Pop Art

Vive’ La Rock

Some Product

Some Product

A bit more L.A. in spirit than earthy-crunchy Oregonian, SOME PRODUCT is the latest art installation from Portland provocateur and resident in rebellion Joey Maas. A well-established punk rock musician for most of his adult life, Joey’s latest artistic focus and endeavors carry on the spirit, defiance and cultural dissent he embraced in his music within the mediums of visual, conceptual and immersive arts. Maas’ work is reminiscent of the true spirit of conceptual art + cultural commentary from artists – past and present – like Andy Warhol, Banksy, Brainwash and Shepard
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Fairey. Maas’ work veers toward delivering disruptive and disconcerting commentary on the comical and absurd elements of modern day life and, particularly, on celebrity culture and our full-time, ever-futile past-time of consumerism. His work is often delivered with a wry, winking splash of performance art. Complete with a glamorous red carpet entrance on April 5th the SOME PRODUCT exhibition will showcase 12 visual works that include paintings, 3-D art pieces, and screen prints. The show be gifting its first 50 visitors with a complimentary “little douche bag” of tricks and treasures. Additional installations of the SOME PRODUCT project will include experiential + performance art ventures that include the audience being “in on” as well as “the brunt of” the art’s message, perhaps its “joke.”


Bloomingdales, Big Brown Bag, Big Douche Bag, Pop Art, Joey Maas
Big Douche Bag,
Canvas tote bag

Bloomingdales, Big Brown Bag, Big Douche Bag, Pop Art, Joey Maas
Big Douche Bag,
Classic paper.
Limited run of 50
Hand numbered

Chanel, New world odor, Pop Art, Joey Maas
“New World Odor” T-shirt

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Portland is dead, Project Pabst, PBR, Pop Art, Joey Maas
Some Product “Portland is Dead” T-Shirt


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