Joey Maas is a prolific neo pop artist based in Palm Springs, California.
Maas’ early artistic influences stem from his love of 1980’s design, fashion, and skateboarding, in particular, the work of Patrick Nagel, Swatch watches, Memphis style design, and shopping malls.
Maas spent most of the 90’s and early 2000’s touring as a musician in punk and post-punk bands, but in 2008, he decided to leave the touring life to focus on visual art. 

The decadent 1980’s . Glamour, excess, and style were seemingly everywhere, and although my family couldn’t afford that lifestyle, I marveled over the magazines, movies, and television shows, and dreamed of being a part of that world. They had everything, they’re so happy, I mean, they certainly looked happy, but glamour was never without it’s demons.
“Faultlines” is my visual commentary on the sores that fester beneath the elegance. The portrayal of being pulled together, but in reality, falling apart.
All works are hand painted acrylic on wood panel, with a top coat of UV resistant crystal clear epoxy resin.

Joey Maas’ work has appeared on local and national television programs such as Ghost Adventures, KTLA CW News, Los Angeles, and KCAL CBS News, Los Angeles, as well as a solo exhibit for the red carpet premiere of House At The End Of The Drive (2013)

Joey Maas, Palm Springs Pop Art

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